Vigorously Expressed

Vigorously Expressed

You say you understand but do you really
Just because you look at me and nod I agree
Really don’t think you feel me
I come to you, better yet I didn’t come to you, you came to me
You ask what was bothering me
so I told you, gave you what you wanted to know
so now that you know what you know, all you can say is Oh
I am looking at you with a blank stare
Why did I even dare, you don’t really care
You just wanted to hear yourself say something halfway sincere
I expressed myself vicariously
You listen nonchalantly
Now you want me to hear you
Whether you know it or not I’m on ignore mood
To you we all to the good
To me, I about to cut this loose
I can be there for you, when you here for me
Ooh yeah for you to say oh and back to being selfishly
Not trying to be unpleasant
Next time, don’t ask, just automatic begin your rant




Anonymous said…
hi, new to the site, thanks.

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