Sometimes we get stuck in a funk, a mood, that others can see written all over our faces
Sometimes we ponder over and over on what happen to get me this way
Sometimes we look for all the wrong reasons just to take a minute and step back

I walked a thousand miles in my own shoes, not for another to understand
I talked a thousand words a minute, just to get it off my own chest
My mind was on full speed ahead, not taking a minute to think what do I want

Well now I understand, Im BACK!
Back to comprehending, to heck with what others think
In the end you have to be happy with you and your own circumstances

There will be haters, there will be lovers, there will be fighters
But who is willing to fight, to love, to hate to make sure that I will be okay?

Sometimes the best kept secret are those we keep to ourselves.........

I will just say IM BACK and watch out for me now!

Star aka Jazzie


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