Allot on my mind
Feeling like I’m running out of time
My thoughts seem like they’re not on my side
Keeping ask the whys why?
Tired of being low, ready to ride high
Rules getting in the way not feeling like I should abide
You trying to tell me what to do, what king just died
Now you know me so good cause I decided to confide
Everywhere I turn I’m wrong you trying to get me to run and hide
NO! I stand here, I stand with pride
I’m about my business no time to juck and jive
Got so much to conquer want to be recognized while I’m alive
I see you trying to stop my flow, you getting yours? I got to get mine
You not a coast guard so my passport you cannot deny
This working everyday job starting at nine
Ending at five
Still trying to tell you, you still trying to pry
Into my conglomerate, no more making ends meet to get by
This will be mine, driving to mine, in my dream ride
Yes you seeing clear don’t blame that dirty sty
Wondering how I am doing it, don’t hit me with the whine
Doing what I must to do me and THAT’S SHINE!




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