Is He True?

Is your man true to you?
If you dont think so, then here's what you do!
If he comes home late, smelling of cologne,
It is very well possible, he is not yours alone,
If he cant get it up, when its time to make love,
Its time for an examination, go and get your white gloves,
Look at it, smell it and see where its been,
Was he with Tina or Tyra or maybe even Tim?
If he just got off and it smells like soap,
He was at the office freaking some hoe,
If its tainted a little he's still screwing someone else,
If it smells like poop, you better go get checked!
Ask your man, Hey hun where you been?
If he says he worked late, keep questioning him,
Hey hun why didn't you call and let me know?
If he answers rather quickly or maybe even chokes,
Tell him its all good and to your knees you go.
If he know he ain't clean to the shower he'll rush.
When his a$$ gets out, then you better start to cuss,
If he stands there and listen, he is flat out busted,
From here on out know that your man cant be trusted!
If he screams back at you and bristles up fast,
Nine times out of ten, he got f*cked in his a$$!
If this is the case, I feel sorry for you!
Because another brother did what you couldn't do!!!!!!!


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