The triplets:
The Holy Trinity~ The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit
Guide our lives and to our best we mimic
We can’t compare but I am part of my own triplet set
My Best friend-Husband-Better HALF-soulmate
My best friend-Son-our Replica-under guidance he will be a pillar
Myself-My best friend-My own Joy-Mirror
I smile so much when we are together
Craziest emotions felt the times we were apart, nothing else matters
Didn’t need to separate to know the emotions that would be felt
Love consumes me, love my hand I was dealt
The triplets are often shared with the world
Born with our own purposes, we still of the same pearl
One brings joy to all-his little demeanor, personality and his charm
Can’t help but want to know who he is, his heart so big and eyes so warm
One saves the world from itself
Protective of those he carries in his heart…metal guards his chest and stretches from his belt
Called off to duty, which he shows much pride
Knowing he providing a safer world for his trinity to survive
One shares her vocab , so expressive
Readers wanting more, sparing no words only impressions
A dear friend explained her mind was dangerous
Yet she uses it for so many good purposes
They are not compared to the Holy but still the members uphold
Knowing their meaning to one another connected at the soul
Without a doubt, un-separate-able
The triplets undeniable



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