I had expectations of my family
I have had expectation of my closest friends
I had expectations of my self
Expectation is an opportunity to illustrate your word being your bond
I don’t anticipate anyone to do anything
If you care to do, it’s because you wanted to
If you don’t--I expected at least that much from you
I am trying to grow and trust again in people
This is difficult when you instigate those people to do great things
I only have expectations of myself
I know what I am capable of and I know if I am going to
I can and cannot disappoint myself at the same time
I expect to be forgiving to myself if I cannot do it right
I expect to learn to give people some kind of trust again
I will try not to assume they will make an ass of me
I expect at the end of the day, either way for it to not be disappointing
I will learn to expect from you again
And not just depend on me




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