Day Seventeen- FRIENDSHIP

What causes someone to be a friend?
Do you have to have things in common
Common people you know, claim a kin,
Be of the same money status, went to the same school/
Are friends random situations that are met in nature?
A job you both just have to suffer through
Share a teacher, an experience?
Does the quality of a friendship depend on where you meet them?
Why you get offended when I ask for your definition
Do you treat you friends like you treat your family?
Or are they considered of two different entities?
Do you look for benefit of the ship before the benefit of the friend
Do you ever wonder how the end up in the same boat you in
Did it really happen by chance or was it more than a coincident
Some friendship last for lifetimes
Some cant last past the football halftime
Some friendship turns into business partners
Some friends take it a step further
Some friends were never suppose to be friends
Can’t stop an enemy from crossing to the other end
I believe friendship is suppose to be divined
Sent by God to help you cope with life
The stresses on earth are grand and at times need a second opinion
Your thoughts can be loud , need a calmer approach-someone to ease the tension
Friends come about in many ways
The problems with friends are some of them have numbered days!




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