Read Between the Lines

If I tell you no, I may mean yes,
The things I feel may be hard to express,
If I say don't touch me, just hold me tight,
Wrapped in your arms, I'll stay all night,
If I tell you I hate you, don't believe it one bit,
Because you complete me, you're my perfect fit,

If I say I'm happy, I may not be,
It's up to you to read between the lines and see,
If you see a tear run down my eye,
Read between the lines to see why I cry,
If my heart is aching and my spirits are down,
Read between the lines until the answers are found,

I may wear a frown and be happy all the same,
My feelings are outrageous and hard to explain,
I know you don't understand and maybe never will,
The thoughts that I have and the feelings I feel,
At times I'm confusing and I know its true,
But I am a woman and that's just what I do,
But if I tell you I love you straight from the start,
There are no lines to read, its straight from my heart!


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