Smokey Air

Smokey Air
Hazy intentions surrounding from everywhere
Inhaling the strawberry flavored fragrance
Foggy mist shoulder high~mountain top vision enhance
Exhaling excessive air from the lungs
Depicting the truth of the matter, listening closely to the flapping of your gums
Do you even know what your conversation reference
Concentrating so hard, words undeveloped
Listening stopped before the sentences
The blah blah coming from your mouth is insensible
Deep breath in, chest concave
cheeks in a fishtail
now you laughing insane
Lost ~only description fit for you
Frustration brewing, insults long overdue
You mad at me for laughing
At your truth
Apologies you have not having
Body motions slow yet smooth
Smokey air fills the environment
Phrases becoming uncommon, I made the comment
So you want it to be my fault, blame on me
Lets not take in consideration, you may be alcohy
Sweet smells all around me
you steady inhaling the sweet strawberry
Exhaling the blatancy
While enjoying the scenery
Peace be still, no tolerance for mutiny
If all other memories seem to fail
You should at least remember your creation, the smokey air.



Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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