Day Fourteen- PRAYER

(Woman’s Prayer)

Lord grant me strength, clout, and resilience to hold the tongue
Knowing the tendencies to be a judge, hearing cases, leaving juries hung
Power is needed to overcome my own issues
To not be the Ref calling plays but the Ref that blows the whistle
The Whistle for when the ones we love, get lost
Lost in love, deception, dishonor, living life as a false
Got to reach them to teach them, how to be beautiful
Nurse them, guide them, adore them, and welcome them graceful
Our intentions to nurture, heal the wounds
Goes deep to the center of our wombs
We can’t help but to love
Turning our backs on those, is confessing to ourselves we failed
God prepared woman for the responsibilities for others
We are not only nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants, collectors
Architects, bull-dozers, cultivators, authors, imaginers, We are Mothers
Mother doesn’t have to have her own
Mother has the gift to not only teach but to be shown
Grow from lessons learned, cherish someone else’s own
As women we all are a mother
Striving for more for not just ourselves but others
Give us the strength, clout, and resilience - this is our prayer




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