Im Stuck

For a week I have been stuck on Boundaries
The lines keep getting crossed and twisted, and burned at the ends
Not wanting to recross roads of rocks, glass, and thorns to reopen those wounds
I want to Commit to myself to get pass those broken boundaries, to recreate a world
A world that I can open my eyes to see all the beauty and love given to me
To share with myself, To share with my daughter, To share with those willing to accept me for me

Commitment now that has its on twist and turns, commitment to self should always be first
Commitment to better and broaden my horizon, reaching higher each time further than the last
Commitment to know what makes me happy, what makes me tick, what makes me frown
Commitment to be able to express myself and not hold back, not give another slack for the feelings that are deep down inside, that cry so hard to be heard
Commitment to love myself so hard, that nothing else can disappointment me but me, no fear of rejection, no fear of not pleasing, no fear of ever being left to be alone
Commitment to understanding what STAR needs before committing to another

Star aka Jazzie


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