Long week

long day
long week
come home to my man wanting to massage my feet
Cold glass of Nuvo I meet
I don't drink so I just sip
sip like a sassy ladi....taste just a little bit
Stove top mixing up some food
Smelling so good
Got your herbs and spices,
you chopping and dicing
after a day like today
Watching, smiling being entertained
Deep breathe of relief
man this been one heck of a week
now I'm in a relaxed mood
you cut on some r&b cuz you wanna prove
Your point and you making it well
dimming the lights, "giving him something he can feel
I'm giving,I'm giving, I'm giving, I'm giving"
that Envounge
just incase you didn't know
With every passing second
enjoying myself, being thankful for this blessing
thank you for wiping away the stressful day
Ensuring I do nothing, letting him have his week
thank you for wiping away this longing week
shhh baby sit back and kick up your feet




Anonymous said…
i thought i was the only to feel that way. After a long week all i want is the attention of my man exactly in this way. cook, attention and then let him love me! thanks great post!!! will subscribe

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