Day Twenty One- SETTLING

I never just settle
I will never settle for something I don’t want
I am too stubborn
I don’t settle for my son to be a bum
Great grades, handsome smile, adorable personality and superior manners
I didn’t settle for just any man by my side
The man God blessed me with-My heart is forever happy
I didn’t settle because in life I felt I had extra struggles
My struggles are not equivalent to yours and vica versa
My struggles have made me stronger and more determined
I can’t settle for failure
My name is Joy- Great Happiness is suppose to be I
So I have to create this greatest and be it!
When you settle you hurt your chances
Opportunities come to those who survive-simply amazing
Can you survive- I survive and will continue to thrive

I will never settle
It’s not in my blood
I refuse to give in or give up
I am strong minded, good hearted




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