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Late Thoughts & Early Mornings

If Only I really posted my life...  The once in a life time things I do Things I’ve done Places I’ve been People I’ve met Cars I’ve driven Money I’ve spent Degrees & Certs I possess Businesses I’ve grown Pictures that truly exist Friends that I’ve lost The friends I’ve gained The jobs I’ve had The job I have Future plans of Myne The real love I have The real love felt Investments  Residuals Real thoughts  Real conversations Real bullshit I’ve been thru Real shit I know about allot of yous 
Homes I’ve lived in My forever home... That’s just to mention a few... Of the things I’ve experienced  Just a few I wonder... 💭  Truly wonder ... 🤔  Would you be a bigger hater than you already are With me only giving you the ☝🏽(One) percent  How would you feel then I truly wonder... Bigger hater??? 🧐 
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