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Crying Sins

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After receiving a text message in the mist of the hurt All I saw was the word Vote 🗳 ...
Voting has never changed anything from my viewpointVoting then what remains the same is the disappointWe are encouraged to voteVote for change you want to seeVote because your life depends on itVote Vote VoteCivic duty to VoteMy vote, will it count?My Vote, will it matter?I voted before… well what’s the matter?
As long as my skin; the skin of my Family; the skin of my Son, is the complexion and complexity it is, in this country...I'm at the whims of those in total control that find that My skin less appealing and or not valuable when not enslaved and not controlled.This Country is not free for me, to me.This Country comes at a cost that my skin has to bare. This Country mandates a price for my skin valued - deemed an amount figuratively completely less than the rate of a bottle of my same melanin used to heal others that don't care about that same melanin in my skin!WOW... who would …

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