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Black N Amerikkka

We call it murderOut in these streets It’s all murderSitting home on the couchIt’s all murderOn the phone in the backyard It’s all murderSkittles and TeaIt’s all murderDriving while BlackIt’s all murderCar broke downIt’s all murderSwerve the laneIt’s all murderAt the wrong neighbor asking for helpIt’s all murderSelling water and cigsIt’s all murderBird watchingAlmost murder
Violence is never the answerShut that shit upTell that to the millions that look like me and my kin have been murdered
They say you didn’t follow directions I call it death by skin toneThey say we don’t see colorI call it a lie it’s all in your toneYou got your knee on my neckI can’t breatheIf you can speak You breathing just fineSo then how did I die?

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