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I Come Naked

I come naked and not afraid...  I asked God to prepare me for my next level.  I asked him to clean my house and prepare me for something he thought I was ready for.  Clean my attic = my mind.  Clean my house inside out = my body and heart.  Clean my basement = my feet to keep moving.  I never knew exactly what that meant but as soon as I asked everything begin to fall apart.  We all have struggles we face clean house on the outside but dirty on the inside.  I asked why must all these challenges happen at once?  Yet I know I must not question his plan.  Now my furnace has gone out to make matters more complicated and I have no clue how I’m gonna get another one But maybe that was God’s way of saying completely cleanse yourself and start over with a warm heart.  I ask for prayer during these times to not give up not give in and keep pushing as patience will prevail.  To stand tall on solid ground and rebuild my structure inside out. Star aka Jazzie 11.28.2020 #SoulfulEyez #IComeNaked #ch

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