Sleep So Good

Being a working Woman
Being a working Mother
Being a working Wife
Being a working Daughter/Granddaughter
Being a working Friend
Being a working Aunt
Being a working Sister
Being a working on my last nerve

Stress is inevitable
Time is of no essence
Pleasures are only after the work has been done
Enjoyment comes from the simple Thank yous
Blink one eye, blink it twice-
please everybody- Got please yourself
Power up the energy
For another day- another round

After work, play and the in-between
All I can think about is some good ol’ sleep
I can sleep when its loud, or noise is still
Some say sleep when you old, I say no sleep sleep sleep
I need my rest to endure the day
Busy as ever- so many things come my way

Sleep good tonight
For tomorrow will be another fight
Sleep so good!!!




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