Mother’s Day not created equal

Today is a special day for many reasons,

Wanting to give flowers of appreciation

Your Mother who birthed you into this cruel world

She Protected you and wanted to shield you from all harms

She Ensured your paths were straightened when crooked

She Even after becoming your Guardian Angel 👼🏽 still continues to light 💡 the road for you to maneuver down

She whispers the encouragements needed while you asleep

And most of all, she is everywhere you are

In your heart 

Where she belongs

I know this day is a difficult one because you are reminded of this world without Your Mother’s physical presence but she is right where she needs to be - with you forever 

Just when you think you cannot make it through

You are reminded by Her telling you through your memories of Her love for you! 

Your Mother Loves you and it’s okay to miss Her!

Happiest Mother’s Day to Her in Peace



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