Day Fifteen- CLOSURE

I need to hear the words
I ask why

I need you to look in my eye
I ask what is the purpose

I need for this to happen
You need for what to happen

I don’t believe you when you say
You are not making this any easier

Lets just try and really make this work
How much trying are we suppose to do, too many problems to sort

You blame everything on me; you never put in the effort
How about we go our separate ways, tell them I was the jerk

You always complaining about how you never got more
Why not just part, go on with life, but you need closure

Closure is for those that are not willing to give up on a situation
No matter how bad that situation may be, constant reasons to never it
Some don’t how to let go of a bad relationship
The words concluding it’s a wrap should be enough
No need to make yourself suffer more.




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