Waiting and Wondering

Waiting and Wondering…

Waiting for my phone to ring
Wondering what you are doing
Waiting and wondering

I am going insane
Cant think straight
Cant talk without losing my thought

Waiting and wondering
At work looking at the time
All this stuff to do, got an attitude
Why cant this day just go by

Waiting and wondering
Who can I talk to, who can I call
I am so nervous and confused
Don’t know what to do

Where is he…
Don’t want to be considered worrisome
Got some issues up for discussion
Not trying to start battles, not up for the repercussion

Waiting and wondering
Lord, I do not want the emotions to leave
But I don’t want to be apart of this bad feel, I just want to breath
I know my thoughts should be better than this
Waiting and wondering
Lord I want you to intervene
Before I go frantic and rip this situation at the seam

I tear my heart; I break my spirit
Good or bad advice, not trying to really hear it
Jesus put your arm around me
Needing your protection and validation
Because I no longer want to be waiting and wondering.

01.17.11 (initailly started on 01.10.2008)


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