Wake up day after day
Not begin where I want to be
Am I at fault
Or does God really not care for me
A friend use to say, favor ain’t fair
Fair is extreme, saying anything but positive, how I dare
Well well well- Now I guess im going to hell
He knows how I feel, even if I never said it
Wrote it, screamed it, cried it, but I thought it

I have realized that some people lives are intended to be enhanced
No matter how much someone else does right- never get to see the chance
The chance to living a good life, a better life, a life desired
I take nothing from another person who earned their keep
But those who accept everything on a plate, under the rug-sweep, sweep, sweep
“Silver spoon” is the phrase best suited
Lord just give some of your other hard workers an opportunity instead always getting booted

My struggle may not be your struggle
But to me, my struggle is a struggle – no act I want to keep a juggle
I know it is difficult accepting encouraging words when reality sets
Your day of glory will come; God will be behind it-he just gives us tests
Test that when passed- you will feel like you are getting your just due
God makes us work for everything, especially the believers- but we RULE!

I know I wont accept anything but the best without hesitation
If you believe in yourself, you probably have the same realization




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