Cycle of Addiction Ends…Now

My eyes are full of tears, head pounding from crying, mind flowing over previous years of pain, and wanting so desperately for it all to change. Where do I begin. Where does it end? So much confusion, an outsider would not know the medium from the mean.

Was thought to say no to drugs. You had me believe saying No was the way to go
Do as I say, not as I do. I said No what about you
Life can be hard.
Life can be difficult and impolite
But why risk a life or some drug
You grew up with both your parents
I had to grow up without you there
I was raised right but without your guidance
Not judging you
But I still judged
Relationship developed late
But hey guess it is what you say it is
I think I suffered love from my entire family
Over the addiction that cause pain indefinitely
Stress is so over rated
Just wish I could have been there for you to pursue to you say NO and walk away
I cry when I see a needle
I wont take a sip
I will never smoke
Or put anything to my lips
I try to hide it from my child
But he knows, he asks why
What do I tell him
I tell him to say NO to everything and live!
With Life difficulty you will want to be some release
But this is why I write to give myself peace
Stress is not suppose to overcome and Win
I am where that addiction end!




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