Yesterday my focus was Patience and man was it tried, but I held my head high and made it through and realized that it is and will be a work in progress. I may have cursed, I may have got a little frustrated because things didn't go exactly as planned but in the end a goal was accomplished and I learned that things will always come our way when we least expect it and we have to have patience to know that in the end, we have to ride some waves out.

Today's focus is Trust!

Trust to me means being able to completely be honest with self first. This is something that we don't always do. Trust in myself to do something with out the fear of consequences. I sometimes admit that I don't trust myself when I make decisions and very hesitant on the what if I don't make the right decision. I am trying to move forward in trusting myself first with my own emotions, only I know what to do with them. Trust and have confidence with it, that if I mess up, I trust myself to deal with those emotions and start over again until I get it right. Trust to have hope and not focus on disappointments or the why me..........Trust to keep my heart safe, to guard it, to protect, it to cherish it first before expecting another. Trust that I have the strength to keep pushing, with the obligation to trust in myself first that I have the potential to do whatever I put my mind to.

Star aka Jazzie


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