Yesterday my focus was Trust. I have a tendency to stick with the tried and trusted but for once I am going to abandon all the rules and step out of my shell of comfort and do something different. Trusting that I may make some crazy decisions down this road, but knowing I have the capability to overcome anything.

Today's focus is Forgiveness


Forgive me miss for calling you out of your God given name
Forgive me miss for treating you less or just the same as the last, never leaving nothing but a negative impression, but still trying to keep my fame
Forgive me miss for hurting your feelings, trying to make it up with sweet nothings in your ear
Forgive me miss for I didn't intentionally mean to play games, just have some freedom when your are stomped on the next move

Forgive me mister for wanting you to be the man, the husband, the father, the provider
Forgive me mister for setting expectations, and goals, and accepting shallow promises
Forgive me mister for oh so many accepted I'm sorry
Forgive me mister for thinking I could play the same games, saving face and be smarter about the next move, leaving you in suspense
Forgive me mister for now putting myself first, always should have been that way, now you lost for words?

Forgive me self for now I work towards complete happiness and relive myself of sorrows
Forgive me self for setting my internal prisoner free and reach for a higher tomorrow
Forgive me self for realizing I am no longer weak but a hell of alot stronger
Forgive me self for knowing life is full of games, damn ain't that a shame

Forgive me for letting myself be free, free to observe all the possibilities around me
The potential to be what I want to be
No questions from you, no answers from me
Forgive me for I just want to be me, free to dance, free to laugh, free to cry
Forgive me for wanting the best things in life, Forgive me for wanting to put up a fight

Star aka Jazzie


Anonymous said…
simply beautiful and well spoken
Anonymous said…
Le aconsejo.

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