What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say "PAVE THE WAY"
Do we take into consideration all of the elders that have made sacrifices for us to see another day
Do we think about all the parents that have played both roles to make sure you have the basic
Do we think about what we should do to "PAVE THE WAY" for our own youth

I decided to set my bar higher to exceed my own goals and expectations
"PAVE THE WAY" I say so that my child sees that life is not easy and not a piece of cake
It takes hard work, commitment, and some complaining along the way
But those complaints should drive us to achieve higher grounds.

"PAVE THE WAY" I say to mend those broken relationships
But the healing starts from within, forgiving, and opening up to being receptive of whats in store
Not blocking a blessing or putting up our own imaginative road blocks

"PAVE THE WAY" I say because I am going to utilize my gifts and do what needs to be done
No sitting back or letting life pass me over
Putting my best foot forward and not continuing down the path of what am I here for

I am me because my mother "PAVE THE WAY" for me to simply be me
No one to impress but self first, making the best out of life's lessons
Simply enjoying my own essence, creating my own joy's, finding self along the way of life's journey

So how are you going to "PAVE YOUR WAY"?
Are you going to sit back and complain or are you going to get up and do something about it!?

Star aka Jazzie 01/17/2011


jazzie...Great post! i am enjoying reading them.

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