This conversation has come to a stand still
How much more time we going to kill
You looking at me, I am looking at you
What more you want me to do
Taking a deep breath quietly
Keep thoughts to self, still being a Lady

You have nothing to say EVER
When you last time you initiated-NEVER
But want me to say it all
you the one with steading building a wall
I Said what I felt needed to be said-
You can take it for what it is-conversation put to bed

You not understanding your time is being cut short
You doing little to improve whatever chances-mission abort
This is not good for neither of us
You looking to make excuses, I’m looking to make an exit
Think fast, Think quick
Look two seconds later, I’ll be missed
If we cant communicate, I really don’t see and point in it
This connection was not intended to be made
Cut the losses and let the rest just fade

With any relationship, friendship or kinship
Without the communication there is no point in it
If you care, then Share, be open for discussion
Don’t Stay to yourself, leave no words left unspoken
You will be sadden if the moment passes
And you chance you once had, will be that a has





Anonymous said…
More, More, More. Communication is so important

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