Let me

How do I begin to start this
First with a kiss
No that’s moving way too fast
How about some conversation
Where we can just relax
What is it about your eyes
How they stare into mine
How they are saying things that never came out your mouth
No spoken verb, noun or even adjective
Can express the way you are making her feel
Moving my leg to the left, moving my leg to the right
Trying to maintain composure
Getting excited, my tongue I begin to bite
Still not letting you know my true persona
Can I hide it, I need to stop denying it
Bout to explode from all simulation
Let me let you do what it is that you do
Let us be as we are to be
Let us do what lovers do,
Clinging to each other vigorously
Let me whisper in your ear
Tell you something you need to hear
Let me massage your neck with my warm breath
Allowing you to close your eyes, and savor this wealth
You are loving me my lips
Let me entice you with my hips
My pleasure can rise no more
Got me flooding open the river’s door
What else can I say
Hope you got yours
I am done
Now let me….



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