Real story of Adam and Eve

I will tell you this story as My Husband explained his version to me! I never thought about this story in this light. Makes perfect sense!!! I had to share.
I have to say the story in my voice though.

Do we really know what the Tree Of Life really is?

The Devil enticed Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. The Devil introduced Eve to her Fruit…He made her understand the juices that flowed from the fruit were very sweet and tempting to the taste. At this moment, she realized that being a woman with the fruit she possessed gave her many pleasures or feelings of excitement. Eve so excited about the fruit conveniently forgetting it was forbidden, convinced Adam to eat of her fruit. She showed Adam how soft, passionate, and pleased he should be that God made her from his rib. Overwhelmed with amazement of what he discovered to be so exotic and satisfying…his eyes were open and he saw just how beautiful Eve really was. Her curves, her lips and how her thighs intertwined at the hips. He heard God coming and realized they made a mistake.
God just coming for a visit, excited at his creations and all HIS HARD WORK. Where were they? Adam? Eve? Adam and eve walked from behind the bushes covered themselves from God. God asked Adam and Eve why were they hiding? Why do they have leaves on themselves, how did they know they were naked. Adam begins to explain to God what happened. God dumbfounded with furry… looked so disappointingly toward Eve who wanted to run and hide. Even though he told them they could have anything in the Garden except of the fruit from the Tree of Life…they just had to disobey. God told her to come to him, he then told her because she disobeyed his only rule, she would pay. He told her that her body would now prepare her monthly to be able to bare children painfully for her disobedience. At that moment, not really understanding her punishment…I understand it!!! I know she messed up Lord, but why punish us all (joking)




This is for entertainment purposed only. The real story of Adam and Eve will stay Biblical. God gave us a mind to comprehend and imagine.

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