Day Two- Trust

Trust is difficult for me
I try to trust, but how can I trust someone who hurt me
Forgive and forget it
Forgiving is easy, but forgetting, hard to erase a mind set
To me this is no ordinary round the way type of word
It causes pain, with it is cause joy…It’s a verb
It actions that are done pertaining to trust
That can make or break a relationship, kinship or friendship, turn it to dust
Trust can make ties become severed
Wondering how that “it” got lost, becoming weathered
There is no more on and deal with the trust thing later
Never break the trust bond; making life even more the greater
Don’t lie, don’t be conveying, be a stand up person
Earn your respect; stop trying to create confused diversion
Be yourself, because if I am going to deal with you, you must be yourself
Tell your representative to go home and put that fakizm on the shelf
I don’t give trust, it got to be earned
So you will remember your own hard work, lesson learned

01.20.2010 *day two*


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