Lost of Words

Question: Why is silence so loud?
Why does a good gyrl waits for perfect moments to be bad?

Why is that when emotions gave you its best tackle
The tears get sucked up, but out comes a laughing crackle

They say when I person goes insane
No longer is their sadness, sadness, but now about to be your pain

Why is that your supervisor have you clutch your teeth
But your love one can have you ready to put them on their knees

Why is it that her up the street can have 5 children, no job with great benefits
You lose a job cause of downsize, now labeled, Social Services look as if you full of sh&t

Your man do you wrong! Now forgiven! You let him back in!!
You got some nerve talking about this situation same as yours, but now your cousin

Why is it that “going to church” will save your wretched soul?
I thought Jesus died for all sins, and split that curtain long time ago

How is it so that you bought you some new Prada and Gucci
Your child…wearing same outfit from a week ago, you steady making ain’t got no money excuses

I’m waiting behind you in the grocery line minding my business
Your child screaming at you, calling you fool, you cussing the clerk out for her rudeness

You driving a 725 BMW, party it up-make good life toasts
Asking fam to visit the house, quick question: why you trying to dim the light- to hide the roaches?

I sit and think how some people priorities are mixed up, and backwards
See you riding good, but where you live, what’s in the bank, what goals are you looking towards

Materialistic things yes they have value
But so should you, don’t be a statistic get stuck in the bayou

Set some goals-live them out, take care of your concerns
Don’t end up a has-been having a lost of words.




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