Socially Conscious

when a person stops caring
is there a reason now to be aware
or should the world carry on
as if nothing happened
do you stop and ask that person why
what happened to change their views
a wise person once said when a person attest to no more cares
now its time to be worried and a little scared
their heart has harden
whether from fear, hurt or devastation
no one willing to hear their opinions
cause they really didn't matter from the beginning
the person feels as if there is no one to confide in
they begin to start the running and hiding
the loud outbusts seem obnoxious
but to them, its their loud subconscious
voice trying to be set free
we stare in amazement, but who are we
didn't listen then, now its entertaining
why should we suddenly care
could be it we now feel inhumane
"am I my brother's keeper"
bibically yes we all are, us Jesus seekers
hopefully they will be heard
a voice should never be ignored
people are entitled to freedom of expression
but if you are not famous, we careless about anyone else's depression
that's not fair or justice
its about me, you, them, us.




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