A drift

Slipping, slipping, slipping
Feeling myself falling
Floating away as if I was parasailing
Trying to latch on to something
Down the snow slopes, I am gliding
No end in sight
All I see is white
Awake to a late night
Pillow wet from my sweat
Was it a dream, or was I awaked in my bed
Sipping on a bottle of water, I swallow
Trying to quince my thirst, throat feels hollow
Where was I going?
Have no clue what the point is-what I’m doing
Should I prepare?
Am I packing? But to go where?
Now I lay me down to sleep
Praying hard for the Lord my life to keep
I am not ready to go yet
So much to do, I’m being to fret
Why is it my time
I am way too young to die
Why am I even talking like this
It was a dream, I just need some rest
But why am I feeling this way
Stop with the questions, where’s my pillow I need to lay
No more focusing unless on being relaxed
To sleep I fall back
There’s that white light
Lord NO! There are a few things I have to get right
I feel like I’m being pulled, I begin to lift
Is this still a dream, or am I really going A Drift

I wake up, life is not over
Be like me, Get your life is ORDER!




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