Lessons of Love and Lessons of Life
Lessons are meant for us not to continue down the same paths
Lessons are for us to grow from to become inspired to do things different
My lessons are not your lessons they are simply something we must go thru
Something we must experience to make us a better person
More aware of what we are capable of being and doing
Your lessons are not my lessons, they were for you to go thru
For you to look back and reflect, for you to have compassion
To understand someone must go thru things on their own
To understand what these trials were made for

Lessons may break us, they may spank us, they may make us feel down
But no frowns here, I am blessed for my lessons
Lessons have taught me how to love unconditionally
Lessons have taught me patience and communication
Lessons have taught me only you can walk that path and others may not understand
But the reality is it isn't for them to understand
Lessons have taught me to live life to its fullest
Lessons have taught me forgiveness is precious and can be powerful
Lessons have taught me to love self and love who I am
Allowing another to really see me for who I am

What have your lessons taught you........

Star aka Jazzie


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