I am my own judge, jury, and bailiff
I am my own lawyer and the client
Never able to look myself in the eye & plead the fifth
Truth, guilty of being real honest, my curse and My Gift

I am my own private detective
I am the lead investigator, best at being intuitive
Photographing my every move while trying to be exclusive
Observing the body movement I make comprehensive

I am my own blog site, I talk about what I want to discuss
I am my own worst critic, despite the world’s knowledge- I won’t fuss
From a distance, which one was I in the us?
Don’t need your opinion, not in need of your gossip

I do not need you pretending to be something you can’t be
Are you looking in the mirror? Then stop looking at me
What are your own faults? Can you point them out…Or should I look and see
Let’s review the tally marks! Now to charge you my assessment fee!
Exactly you don’t like being reviewed or for anyone to indulge
Yet you so ready to look at someone else to examine and soak with your sponge
Sponge of non-essential worth, don’t become engorged
Next time you may think about it before you so ready to judge




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