Dont have to love me

you don't have to love me
please don't get mad when someone else will
or if they don't already
I have all the love I need, I love myself
you need to love you,
everyone else will come around
after seeing what I see, loose your frown
why you so mad at the world,
instead its your to explore

you don't have to love me anymore
I learned long time ago my self worth
I am confident standing alone
born alone, spend most of my time alone, will die alone
you need so manies approvals
you have a team now, but what are you proving
to me just more people to try to please
but I don't want to be on that list

you don't have to love me anymore
I have enough love for self, and the people I adore
spending most of your time seeking more
you find it hard to love you
just accept who you are
be happy and content
found out my happiness is not here-as good as it get

we can accept our faults, let it be
I love me for me, so you don't have to love me




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