Another Year

Another year
Another age
Feeling like life is over
When life is just turning golden
No more parents to nag
No more friends peering to impress
No more trying to be in the top 10% of every class
No more trying to decide as a grad
You are becoming into your accomplishment
You are striving to be the leader taught-recognizing
You are being inspiration to others around you
A Role Model
WOW- remember when you said I can’t wait for those days
Those days are here and in the presence

Another year
Another age
So many things have changed
Life --what a diff-er-ence
Mindsets grow with experience
Alternations suppose to happen along the way
If not, take a deeper look, makes some changes today!

Another year in the making
Don’t wait till next year do something
Anything, everything, whatever
You smart, you bright, now be clever
For those who don’t give you the credit
Don’t let that be apart of your thoughts- dead it
Let your victory happen now
Don’t wait for another year




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