Cream Cheese Apple Pie

**click on music before you begin to read. cut volume on low-medium. Thanks**

Whispering in my ear
You pretending to be sincere
Yet I’m SMILING, imaging the words I hear
I listen to enjoy
You touch to explore
Both of us grinning, wanting more
How did we end up this night alone?
Everyone leaving, we in a world of our own
We both humming the words to the very same song
Its like our souls are in sync
Connected at the brain, knowing what I think
Thoughts are a little explicated, seeming you can tell- you give me the wink
You ask what is my favorite dessert
What do I indulge to extinguish any hurt?
I say gently Sweet Potato Pie
I think about what you asked, then I asked why
The words coming from your lips
Seemed to sooth my worries and I eased my grip
You trying so hard to work your way between my hips
With the blunt look that I give
You’re backing up, guess you got the idea
No words were exchanged but Sista got to live
Taking a deeper breath, I sigh
I exhale slowly; you begin to reply
Your breath smell so sweet, cream cheese apple pie.




Anonymous said…
sexy! this was my friday night fix. thanks! :*

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