Im Claiming IT!

I'm claiming my name I'm claiming my fame I'm claiming I will not fed into your petty games You want to see me fail You want to see me nailed You want to see me grasping for air I will not let you ponder I will not let you wander Wander into my space, because I am claiming it I'm claiming my freedom I'm claiming my self security I'm claiming my ability to just be me Free to think what I want to think Free to act on my on free will Free to tell you step off I'm claiming the chance to make a better life Not for you but for me and mines Its my time to SHINE!!!!! I'm claiming to speak my mind I'm claiming to find the time Simply to do the things I want to do in the nic of time Say it ain't so, when I look back and tell you SO! I don't expect you to know whats in my mind I'm claiming it! I'm claiming it! I'm CLAIMING IT! Jazzie


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