It is us against the world
I found the oyster now where is the pearl
Favor is not fair
But how much do we have to bare
The universe is on our shoulders
Good struggle and the fake prosper
What makes you better than any
The big faces don’t come my way, all we see are the penny
Pennies do add, takes so much longer
I am not a turtle I want what I work for now!
Decent suffer, then when you become affected
People ask why the change, the goodness has been neglected
So maybe if the attitude excel
Things will fall this way instead of repel
I try to tell so many to keep the head up
When I look for it in return its…well…umm…but…
Where is my good advice when I need for myself
That’s why I guess dependency is reliance upon me
Me, myself and I
The pretending has become out-rated
Conversation are limited and are nearly faded
I still say who ask me-why it life so difficult
I still same our time is coming to reign and it will be our FAULT
No one else to blame for the success
All the pleasures you dream for, and the treasure of finally being Blessed!
You can take pride in no one being there
Look to your left, look to the right-guess what now they are right here
In your face, saying how much you were believed in
Just smile, cause you know who been
There and who wasn’t-don’t pretend
No need to spill the emotions-allow healing




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