Bedroom Thought

As we lay here, gazing into each others eyes
Can I ask you one time can I please your mind
Ask you what fantasy makes you tingle down your spine
Touching and taunting different curves that hit different nerves
Knowing you really want to fell my curves
Looking at my waist wanting to embrace
Not going to give in just yet wait to see how long it takes to get me wet
Gaze in to my eyes, can you read the expression on my face
Is it a smile, a smirk, a playful little stare
A tease, a oh how I am to please
A kiss, a tongue, but please dont miss..............
I am thinking stop and saying stop but really dont mean it
A warm hand up my thigh, oh how my temperature begins to rise
Flirtacious little laugh, maybe even a small wimper of a cry, nothing bad baby I say
Keep playing around as you may
Find that place that makes me want to escape
Deep into thought, deep into emotions
Now that you have taken me there, running your fingers through my hair
Looking into my eyes, knowing I am satisfied, laying here thinking
Wow what a surprise................

Star aka Jazzie


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