Walls With a Voice

The infamous saying...”if walls could talk, what would they say”
If the walls had a voice would you repent and instantly pray
Not really wanting others to hear
Your soul, your true self to be revealed
Sometimes we don’t want the world to know the true us
For many reasons, whether bad or glorious
Would you be told on, or be lifted in God’s Glory
Would you instantly go in hiding, or walk with your head high without worry
Walls with a voice
Would disclose all secrets, tell-tells, no mute- no choice
If walls could give advise
Would we paint over them, and then think they are nice
Putting putty over the lips that speak
Trying to close out the words so you can continue to be discreet
Duct taping the cracks
For fear of the sudden attacks
Of knowing you may not be doing right in closure
Not wanting to hear the walls knowing consequences and rapture
Knowing that confidences could always be told
No burdens, no worries, no stresses, no more secrets to hold
Being free
Feels wonderfully
Knowing nothing has a hold on you, rejoice
No corners, back rooms, or alleys-if knowing walls had a voice




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