Reaching for the sky
Clouds floating by
They seem to not be that high
Reaching, and stretching- I need to mount up and fly

Looking from the window pane
The wind seem it could carry me away
I raise my arms relax my brain
Delusion of being up there then it rains

The heavens turn grey
I am guessing my flight will have to wait
Hope may not be lost-darkness begins to fade
I am ready to go now, no matter the cost I have to pay

Still waiting on the okay-the tower gives me a sign
Being sure I have the power to go-feeling fine
Rejoicing almost immediately – what-what-what is it this time
It’s not my turn?? I just want to touch the skyline
Reaching for the sky
I see the pretty clouds floating by
They do not seem to be too high
Maybe if I stretch more, I can make one mine
I will not give up
I will continue to try
I will one day touch the skyline.



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