Let's Go Toe to Toe

Let’s go toe to toe

Not blow for blow

Let’s keep this on equal playing grounds and aint no need to have no frowns

This love thing keeps flipping around and around, even upside down

Let’s go toe to toe

Not on the low

Let’s give them something to thing about, dance with me, better yet hold my hips, lets do this dip

Making love on the dance floor in front of all eyes to see, dang aint they surprised to see

Let’s go toe to toe

Not behind close doors

Public displays of affection of kisses to embrace each others lips

A quick slap on my a—dang, maybe later I will give you a surprise

Let’s go toe to toe

Not keeping each other guessing

But waiting for the next special moment, special kiss, special wink

I don’t ever want to miss don’t ever want to think that special thing is lost

Let’s go toe to toe

Not pointing a finger

But guiding the finger in the right direction, help with my thoughts

Better yet read my mind, are we yet on the same line of that ever turning page in book of love notes

Let’s go toe to toe




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