So Precious
So Precious
So precious
So precious
When I see you
I know what you’re thinking
Loving everything bout you,
everything you do
Staring in my eyes,
no longer concentrating
You Got me memorized
Not fully understanding
We are too young
To be having these feeling
It Gotta stop here
**But I feel like we could
spend an eternity
with you in my life,
age really mean nothing
~listen to my parents
they are telling me NO
but I follow my heart
you is where ends and starts

So precious
So precious
So precious
So precious
Why are we here
Doing these crazy things
This is going to cause problems
I Really don’t want none
I am not your girl
And You are not my guy
I don’t wear no ring
I don’t want your ring
No believe me on you loving me
last week it was all about she
**now your changing the story,
to me this not a game
im not the one to be played,
better learn your history
~my friends warned bout you
they said you were no good
I stood up and defended you
Honestly you are not

So precious
So precious
So precious
So Precious

I am too precious, for this type business
I only want to experience the good things
in life
Minus all your drama, issues and problems
I will be that good girl
Because I am too precious

So precious
So precious
So precious
So precious
Too precious
Too precious
Gotta be precious

Wrote this for someone. They chose to turn it down, so I will share with the world. Thank you for the support of all my readers!

05.08.2011 (wrote on 04.24.11)©


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