Just think about what if

Just think about what if……………… 

The hit and miss 

The maybe I will the maybe I ain’t 

Isn’t it ironic how we can flip things around? 

Attempt to make things into a mold of our own 

Just think about thee I can’t attitude 

When really you should be saying I can 

I can do anything with a little positive push 

I can do anything with a swift kick in my tush 

Momma didn’t raise any fool over here 

Just think about the old woman on the street corner 

How long has she been chasing that dream? 

Wondering how many passed her by saying glad that ain’t me 

Anyone ever give her a helping hand? 

Anyone ever try to hear her story? 

Anyone ever think just maybe she ain’t that corner junkie, 

But a woman that lost it all for another 

Just think about the young girl outside playing in the mud 

Where her mother is is the first thing that comes to mind 

Why she is barely clothed, hair all over covering her eyes? 

Why haven’t we asked what can we do to help? 

Is the mother to busy selling her soul to make ends meet? 

Or just trying to get little Suzie something to eat. 

Just think about what if……………. 


Powerful! Scary because it is so true!

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