Good Times

Favorite song is playing
Favorite drink in my hand
Expression is right on my face
Mood is right in the place
Sensual warmth fills the air
Bodies touching grooving to the bass
Hair sweated out sticking to my face
Swaying my hips, doing a little footwork
Stepping to the middle, this is how I twirk
Don’t need no Partna
Showtime is now-see how I get down
Feeling oh SO GOOD
Dj on point just like he should
Everybody having a great time
Favorite freestylist giving us a new new rhyme
Dance crew trying to show off
They into those moves straight Going OFF
It’s Hot but not ready to go
Attention has moved to the sexi couple
Beats of the music entices the senses
Better night no trying to be a menaces
Lights come on- eye adjusting-blink blink
No more last call, finishing your drink
Same place
Same time
Next week!



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