Life is contagious
Thoughts majority are malicious
Spreading like a virus gone airborne
Developed, multiplied and often reborn
But how often positivity becomes the non-communicable disease
Disaster prosper from the emergent of those seeds
That’s when you decide to cover your mouth
Ensuring nothing good comes out
Your whisper become over bearing
Loud to the hear,
Can’t ignore
Your words escaping the megaphone
Taping my ears from the nonsense diffused
Refusing the verbs, feelings being abused
Enlighten me
Encourage me
Happy is what I need
Being content is the plead
Becoming righteous
Now that what needs to be contagious
I don’t want to envy you
Or do it exactly how you do
I only want to praise your accomplishments
Teach me your way so I can get own endorsements
Be proud
“Say it with your chest”
The awards are priceless
Now let that spread – GO BE CONTAGIOUS!!!!



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