Have you ever met this employee?

**At times I have felt like this person, and at times I have ran across this person** A comedical side

Have you ever met this employee?

*Answer the phone-who me?
Hello, who is this, what you want? Hold on a sec, got to check this text message. Why you holding cause you didn't call for me. Be quiet please i need to concentrate.

*make copies for your meeting- uuummmmm with the blank stare---while I'm at this, i might as well make a copy of this forward and send to my girl so she can laugh. No you cant read it, it called privacy act. Awhhhh the nerve of people!

*coffee- oh, no thank you, i drink tea.

*run this to the main office- i think the carrier quit, the mail people aint ran yet and i dont get paid to burn my gas. Take your car, i'll pass- your car ugly.

*file paperwork in alphabetical order-yeah right and mess up my nails i paid for cause homeboy didnt get paid yet and also you trying to make me get a papercut, i WILL SUE! shoot, you must not know.....

*shred official documents-why i cant put in the trash? plus dont u have a shredder at your own desk? God gave you two hands too, better use them before you loose them. Amen. Better Thank Jesus for your hands. Plus i need to shred my own bills and mail from home. Identity theif is crazy.

*respond to emails in 24hours. Oh i respond to my friends ASAP. Everything else, i delete. None of it is for me. I don't know them people.

*Lunchtime is finally here, see ya'll tomorrow.

*you going to write me up- Thank you! About time. Yall should have been recognized me for what i do. About time you write me up for a Bonus, BABY BABY!

*thats your parking space. Question, do you spell your name c-o-m-m-a-n-d-e-r? didn't think so, so yes i park there cause nobody in here spell their name like that.

Glad you calling, i might feel safer. Its crazy people walking around, talking to themselves, telling themselves what to do, its real weird.

*why am i on Facebook? Serious? I know you want this typed but i am updating my status first! Let all my friends know you is pissing me off.

*hello? Who is dis? What do you want? Umm, they are not here and what do you mean where are they. Ask yourself is that really any of your business? Nope, its not! Just call back later And NOT too much and get on my nerves. I'm busy! No, i don't want to take a message. Thanks chick.

*paychecks will be ready to 2. All i know is my money better be right, wasting my gas to come be stressed for nothing.....Ya'll better give me my money, I'm so sincere.

Joya V.



Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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