Planning On

I plan on being a human being
I plan on forever being me
I planned on having the life of fairy tale dream
Everything I planned didn’t turn out as I had seen
For my vision’s is not God’s so right and keen
I plan on being a success
I plan on living my life right but possibility of chancing it left
I planned on a static order, but life deemed dishes a mess
A mess in the sense of it not being of my style at best
I want to take the path less chosen and not follow everyone else
I plan to give more but in return I gain less
I plan to forgive…wanting to finish the sentence…
Unsure about the rest
I planned on hearing the words I love you from my child
But when my son says it immeasurable-emotions run wild
I plan on the connection, but to hear “Huggies” all I can do is smile
I planned for his future- saving pennies, but only he can run this mile
I want great things to be of him, for him, by him
I was advised to put my charismatic baby on film
The stage will be for him, but he will choose for what
I don’t want to predetermine his being just for my gratification
I planned to meet and marry a great man
To have known that man would start as my best friend
Love me, cherish me, devoted to me, and take care of me
What more could a woman want, IM HIS #1 FAN!!!
I love me some him, proudly wear my wedding band
I planned for us to last Forever-no time ticking, no time of sand
Planning for my future, I am investing
Planning for my business to jump from the ground- praying
Planning for my family to stay healthy and strong
Mother, Grandma, Aunties, uncles, cousins, in-laws, everyone
Planning on being proud myself
Knowing I was able to do what I vision and enjoy the wealth
The wealth of my labor
Planning on for now, tomorrow and forever



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