One plus One equals us
No other addition is needed-we are the plus
You minus the world equal the one for me
We multiplied and got a mini we

Reality take away drama gives the sum desired
Round about, no more estimating-the problem must be mastered
Be careful not to carry the one,
You will have more problems than the sum

I choose to be both denominator and numerator
The common factor for both can only be you my dear
Direct training needed with this logarithm
Be the base of my exponential functions

Longevity with you fulfill an eternity
Be a part of my circle of infinity
On and on we surge merciful
Hearts and souls create an undeniable integer
Cannot be created nor destroyed, loving the hum of our numbers

God created the numbers
There are so many of them
He created the 7 days, we should be so humble
He created Adam and Eve
Two in a pod, just like you and me
Our number is very small
But we are still a whole
I prefer those odds
Only one could fill your position- that is why you got the job



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