Is that rain I here?
Where is my blanket and a Yankee candle?
Come sit over here!
Raindrops make such a beautiful song
Thunder giving the 808, Bassing
Head on your chest, the beat soothing
I sing along
Branches tapping on the window
You decide to use me as your pillow
Quiet and flame flickering
We decide to enjoy the moment, wine sipping
The wind is harmonizing
We both feeling good, we start synchronizing
Your words and those raindrops intertwining
This will not last forever
But ever thunderstorm, we shall continue to be cleaver

In the quietness, we slept
Each others arms, warmth we felt
We want to enjoy this evening
The rain doesn’t come too often
We had plans to be out on the town
We had plans to go to a lounge and hang around
The weather changed that, but we not mad
This gave us an opportunity to become closer and talk about the plans we had
More about how we both we never do the other bad
At moments like this one can believe anything
Taking deep breathes, enjoying the candle scents, listening to the rain ring
Eavesdropping on the rains roars
This made me love when it thunderstorms




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