Flava of the week
Cool as I want to be
Smelling like Passion Fruit
Aroma enter before I do, leave you on mute
Dressed in my Dress Blue
Hair to the back, so my face you can see
Lip gloss lightly
Just enough so the kissable visible

Shea Cashmere fragrance
Skin to match
Tempting you to want to devour
Eyebrows arched sexy
Temperature rising-got you oh so ready

My Vickie secrets --All To Match
I won’t tell you, you staring long enough to make a good guess
Escape to an island comes to mind
I’m mad you know the scent
Today I felt like a ‘Dream Angel’
Tomorrow may be ‘Wild at Heart’ rebel

Skin glowing from the shimmer
Body butter-keeps me cool, but you getting hotter
French manicure for the toes
Sandals are the expression for the day the ones with the cute bow
Sun dress to blow in the wind
Not being Marilyn, but the thought makes you grin

Hot Pink!
Enough said
Party tonight, but Lady in the day
Toss in a flake purple haze
Color coordinate, now what scent to blaze
Have to end the week right
Weekends are taken to another height

Handpicked enticements for your nose to make you weak
Mouth watering scents having you want to be me
Dressed to be that delightful Eye candy
Time to go shopping for upcoming flavas of the week




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